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Safe and Sound Schools

The Straight ‘A’ Safety Improvement Model

Our Model for Straight-A Safety Improvement is a way to rethink school safety.

Our busy society loves routine check-ups, check-lists, and checkouts. They make us feel accomplished, “done.”  This way of thinking can undermine the safety and security of our schools.

School Safety is a process, not a product. Straight-A Safety Improvement contains three active phases: Assess, Act, and Audit

To Assess, your school community will examine its preparedness for emergency situations.  A team of community members and experts will come together to examine what measures, plans, programs, and procedures are already in place and working well and the areas that require change and improvement.

To Act, your school community will turn the information gathered and lessons learned in the Assessment phase into a plan of action.  This is where plans, programs, and procedures are developed and/or refined, and where safety and security measures are implemented, repaired, or changed.

To Audit is to test, check and refine the measures, plans, programs, and procedures in place in your school community.  It is an active phase that combines continual vigilance and awareness with formal and measured testing of the safety and security measures, plans, and procedures of your school.

Check out our free downloadable toolkits for each step of the “Straight-A School Safety” Process.