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Safe and Sound Schools

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Become a Leader

Hey, students! You are leaders. You care about your school. You have the passion and desire to take action. And now, you are putting this positive energy toward a good cause. Inside this kit you’ll find everything you need to create your chapter and to conduct safety-promoting service projects.

By starting a chapter of the Safe & Sound Youth Council at your school, you are taking an important step to secure the safety of your school community. You’re standing up for your classmates, teachers, and staff and creating a safer place to learn and grow. As you may know from the news, your timing couldn’t be better.

The Safe & Sound Youth Council is a nationwide network of motivated students who share a passion to provide safer and more secure schools for one another, their educators, and their communities. Safe & Sound Youth Councils help:

You Can Be the Difference 


Research shows that when students work together to improve their school community, they feel good about using their creativity, leadership, and critical thinking to improve the world around them. Working together, you will connect with others who share your values about making the world a better place. Participating in Safe & Sound Youth Council is a meaningful way to develop real-world skills while standing up for something we all believe in — schools that must be safe places where students can learn, connect with others, and work toward their personal dreams.

Get started today. Download the kit to the right, get together with some friends, and you can start making your positive mark today.