Safe and Sound Schools
Empowering a Nation of Safer School Communities
Safe and Sound Schools

Community and Statewide Initiatives

Safe and Sound’s custom workshops and seminars engage educational administrators and/or community members in creating safer schools. Going broader than one single location, the community and statewide initiatives work with local governments and boards of education to bring together regional stakeholders for greater impact.

States, counties and districts can scale their school safety investments by bringing together multiple SROs, first responders, and school staff to central locations, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity when rethinking school safety. Safe and Sound Schools can tailor workshops to the unique needs of local geographies as a stand-alone event, or as part of a regional or state tour to reach more stakeholders in a shorter time frame. This concentrated focus builds mind share and helps create synergies across multiple schools and districts. Participating organizations can learn and share best practices, and serve as resources to each other as they audit, act and assess their school safety efforts.

All community and state initiatives are custom-designed, based on the individual needs of the region. Potential topics include:

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