Q: Will Safe and Sound come to us?

A: Yes, we will visit, present workshops, and/or speak in your school community.  We also provide customized presentations for school communities and organizations. Email us at: info@safeandsoundschools.org for more information.

Q: Is Safe and Sound associated with the Sandy Hook Promise organization?

A:  No, we are not. You will see a number of different organizations, foundations, and works started by Sandy Hook families as a way to help others and heal from the tragedy. Safe and Sound Schools is unique in its focus on positive and practical ways to empower communities to improve school safety.

Q: Does Safe and Sound have a political agenda?

A: No, we are a grassroots organization with no political ties or obligations. Safe and Sound is committed to a nonpartisan approach to problem solving. To make the greatest impact upon school security and safety issues, we look to engage all local and national community members in active problem solving together. School security and safety are everyone’s prerogative.

Q: Does Safe and Sound take a position on gun control?

A: No, we do not. We choose to focus on keeping children safe in schools by empowering school communities to improve their safety and security practices, plans, and measures. We believe this is the most effective and immediate way to keep schools safe amidst the changing landscape of school safety today.

Q: Does Safe and Sound have a position on security guards and/or police officers in schools?

A: We advocate for highly specific preparations, plans, and measures tailored to the safety and security needs of each school building and community. Security guards and police officers are one possible measure schools can put in place to improve safety. At Safe and Sound, we advocate for multiple layers of protection in order to best secure the safety of your school community.

Further, a thoughtful, professional safety assessment within one community may warrant the employment of security guards or police officers, while it may not be warranted or practical in another community. This decision belongs to each individual school community and will depend on the needs, budget, and desires of that community.

Q: Does Safe and Sound Schools have a position on arming school staff?

A: We advocate for the presence of sworn law enforcement officers in the school community, specifically school resource officers. Their specific training allows them to best serve as a safety resource to staff and students, build proactive relationships within the community, and carry a firearm and/or other tools to provide protection and intervention when necessary. While it is expensive and time intensive to train civilian staff members to safely carry and use a firearm in the same capacity, factors such as geography, man-power, and local resources have forced some school communities to explore other options. Further, the culture, climate, and values of each school community are unique and important considerations. For these reasons, we believe that the decision to arm school personnel or not, must reside at the local level and include representation from a variety of community perspectives and professional disciplines.

Q: Why do you not support door barricades and all secondary locking devices?

A: As we tackle the issue of school safety, it is important we don’t sacrifice one category for another. Understanding the laws and policies affecting schools should be a key part of a community’s comprehensive school safety plan. While we applaud the good intentions of many manufacturers of door barricade and secondary locking devices, Safe and Sound Schools firmly advocates for installing locking devices that comply with federal and state fire codes from the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) as well as regulations from the Americans with Disabilities Act. We encourage all solution providers to continue to innovate for safety and security in accordance with laws and standards so together, we can make our schools safer.

Q: I noticed that you have a “Partners” page on your website. Are you promoting or endorsing these products and/or companies?

A: No. This page is a list of corporations and organizations that have generously provided donations or in-kind services to support our mission. Many of these organizations are school safety and security related. It is the responsibility of the consumer to research, vet, and decide whether any of our sponsors’ services or products may be of benefit to their individual school community. Safe and Sound makes no product/service recommendations or endorsements.

Q: How can I improve school security in my child’s school?

A: Start talking informally and formally with parents, teachers, administrators, local law enforcement, fire and emergency responders in your community. Check our Parents for Safe Students for tips and tools for starting these conversations and initiatives, and share them within your community. Supporting the development of productive dialogue and partnerships in communities is a central part of our mission at Safe and Sound Schools.

Q: How can I support Safe and Sound?

A: You can support our work by sharing it in your community and participating on our website, Facebook and Twitter. You can join our community to receive updates and new information and resources for school safety improvement.

We gratefully accept donations online to support our research, the development of our free materials, website, and travel around the country to school communities. Click on the Rally or Donate tab to support us with your tax-deductible donation.

Lastly, you can invite us to speak in your community. For more information on our speaker services Email us at: info@safeandsoundschools.org.

Q: Is Safe and Sound a non-profit foundation?

A: Safe and Sound Schools is a non-stock corporation formed under Connecticut law and registered with Connecticut to solicit charitable donations. We are recognized as a tax-exempt entity described in Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code by the IRS.

Q: Are donations tax deductible?

A: Safe and Sound is recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity. Your contribution is deductible for income tax purposes.

Q: How are donations used?

A: Donations support the development of our resources, educational materials, programs, and travel to school communities and security and safety conferences around the country.

Q: Does Safe and Sound fund other non-profits or causes?

A: No. However we work alongside many individuals and organizations toward the shared goal of safer schools.

Q: Does Safe and Sound fund schools?

A: No. We are a clearinghouse of information and a platform for a nationwide movement to improve the safety our nation’s schools. We gather ideas, create, and share resources to educate and empower school communities to improve schools safety.

Q: Do you accept guest blog submissions?

A: Yes we do. Please take a moment read our blog guidelines before submitting a post for review. In the linked document, you’ll also find submission instructions and frequently asked question and answers regarding our blog. Thank you for your interest.