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NECN, New England News, June 23, 2015.

Schools Lack Funding to Make Security Improvements The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting has caused schools to reevaluate their safety protocols- and there is room for improvement. Learn more: NECN, New England News, June 23, 2015.

Labeled Entry/Exit Points

First Responders have long asked schools to label building exits (on the inside as well as the outside!) to facilitate better communication and faster response in an emergency.  This process can be time consuming and costly for busy, financially strapped school communities. Undaunted, one Ohio Eagle Scout helped his school district by organizing the project […]

Key Control with Substitute and Itinerant Staff

Even after the Sandy Hook tragedy, many schools still do not provide substitute and itinerant staff with classroom keys because of the risk and expense associated with lost or unreturned keys. A practical-minded school secretary uses this procedure to be sure that ALL staff are equipped with keys to secure their location and protect lives […]