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Finding Hope for Schools During a Time of Uncertainty

Ensuring the safety of a school community is a tough job under normal circumstances–and these past 6 months have been anything but normal. As we look ahead to a new school year, the job is more challenging and more important than ever. For months now, our school communities have continued the heroic work of providing […]

Helping Children And Teens Cope With Social Isolation

Social isolation can come in many forms. More often than not, it’s caused by illness. The current pandemic has brought about a new form of mandated social isolation, likely restricting your child’s ability to see their friends. Other conditions might bring about social isolation too – friendship trouble, a recent move, or starting at a […]

Headed in the Right Direction: State of School Safety 2020 Report

It took four months to plan, write, field, analyze and prepare the final summary, but through the hard work of students and faculty from Boston University, in partnership with our team, we are excited to share this report with you. We can boil down the results of the State of School Safety 2020 survey and […]

Good Days Today, Good Days Ahead

Last year, Safe and Sound Schools launched The Good Days Tour, a nationwide contest to promote positive school culture in high schools across the country. We teamed up with teen actor Jeremey Ray Taylor and the band Chasing da Vinci to bring a live workshop and concert to the winning school.   In February, we announced […]

Suddenly Schooling from Home for a Family With Autism

Q and A with Michele Gay I overheard a conversation the other day in the grocery store (from a distance of course) where one well-intended shopper said to another “We’re all in the same boat.” The other shopper replied, “I don’t think so. Maybe the same sea, but way different boats.” One of our favorite […]

Anxiety Check – Keeping Kids Safe and Sound In a Time of Crisis

With the recent onset of Covid-19 both nationwide and globally, anxiety is on the rise. With so many unknowns, how do we help our kids navigate a new normal and keep their anxiety in check? Here are a few tips that you may find helpful: Know the signs of anxiety. When kids feel that they […]

Join us in Connecting #StudentsToSeniors!

Like everybody else, I am working hard to adjust to the new normal to keep my family and community safe through the current crisis. “Stay Home,” “social distance,” “no-contact nods,” and near compulsive hand-washing are all a part of this strange, new normal.   Somewhere between calls, virtual meetings, meal prep (and so much more laundry!) […]