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What Being a Father Taught Me About School Safety

What could fatherhood and school safety possibly have in common? Plenty, it turns out. At the heart of each is a primal instinct: survival and a need to protect. Central to each is a call to action — what we do and how we make our voices heard. I began my professional career working with […]

Research Points to Lessons Learned and Opportunities to Address

Last year, we released our first State of School Report, a national survey which aimed to shine a light on several school safety issues communities face. Our survey included perspectives from parents, students, educators (teachers, administrators, staff, mental wellness professionals, and SROs), and the general public.   We found there was a sizable communication gap […]

School Pride and Prejudice – How You Can Help

By: Leslie Lagerstrom & Todd A. Savage My name is Leslie Lagerstrom and I am a mom, author, and advocate. If you met my son Sam, he would want you to know that he loves to travel, ski, and laugh. He would also share he is addicted to Scrabble, in case you might be a […]