A Sandy Hook Initiative for Safer Schools

Relationships Matter: Part 1 – Inside the School

It’s that time of year. Schools across the nation are opening their doors to greet millions of students whom are a reflection of the future of our country. It’s an exciting time of year that, in my opinion, can be described in one word…fresh. New paint, waxed...

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Back to School, Back to Safety

They are starting… those adorable “first day of school” photos shared via social media. Although it seems like we were just kicking it off, the days of summer have just about flown by across the country. Whether your school has already started or is set to start soon,...

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THAT’S What You Learned In School Today?

Schools across the nation have spent the summer preparing for a safe school year.  Among those preparations, many schools are examining and introducing new protocols such as those designed to protect students and staff in an active assailant (intruder or attacker)...

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Campus Safety Conferences

Safe and Sound Schools is honored to partner with Campus Safety Magazine as a proud sponsor of the Third Annual Campus Safety Conferences in the East and West. The Campus Safety East Conference kicked off in Washington, D.C. on July 25-26. The Safe and Sound Schools...

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Working Together to Counter Hate and Violence

The recent series of violent events and tragedy across our country have devastated community after community, family after family.  Our hearts are heavy for each of the communities, families, and victims touched by this violence. We at Safe and Sound Schools are...

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Safe and Sound Schools: 2016 Second Quarter Update

It seems like just yesterday we welcomed 2016 and yet here we are, several days into second half of the year. We kicked off the first quarter with a new website and several travels to various communities in the country, our second quarter has been no different. We’ve...

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Happy 4th of July. I hope you are reveling in the warm summer days. Whether you have just finished up the year, or are preparing to return, it’s never too early to think about how to do better in the next school year. Our teachers are already thinking about new lesson...

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School’s Out, SROs Are In

June is already drawing to a close.  Most of us are still wondering, “How did the school year go by so quickly?” Maybe we’re just getting older.  In our defense, I hear the kids saying it too. It’s the sign of a great school year. Teachers are closing up their...

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