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Welcome to Safe and Sound, your source for information, resources, and ideas for improving safety in your school community.  We are a non-profit organization, founded by parents who lost children at Sandy Hook School.  We are dedicated to empowering community members to learn how they can join hands, hearts, and minds to make schools safer.

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Watch the start of Safe and Sound in this CNN video from the documentary, Honoring the Children.  


Inspiring Ideas

We have just introduced a collection of clever low and no-cost ideas for school safety, contributed by members of our national Safe and Sound community!

Read more about each of these ideas like this Key Control Solution in our Inspiring Ideas gallery!



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Michele speaks to “The Doctors” about Preparing—Not Scaring—for School Safety.


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Best Practice Considerations for Schools in Active Shooter and Other Armed Assailant Drills View Here




♦Read Michele’s recent article in Techniques magazine! Read Here



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4/8/15 Making Preparedness Happen: Building Resilient Communities

Preparedness is a hard word to digest. It’s long and has a stale taste as it leaves your lips. As a concept, it is always just a little too ambiguous (i.e., How do I know when I’m really prepared?) or too overwhelming (i.e., The 165.5 Steps to Safety). Preparedness, by any other name, is much […]

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2/24/15 Trending Tools and Technology in School Safety, Kevin Quinn

In my roles as a School Resource Officer and within several school safety organizations, I have the benefit of learning about many of the latest tools and technology in school safety. That said, I’m often asked for help sifting through all of them. My advice to those inquiring usually starts like this… Don’t start shopping […]

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